Why Eco1 Resin…

  • 15% of UK homes currently have an EPC rated F or G – these homes can’t be rented from 2018.
  • 85% of solid brick homes are not insulated
  • 25 million existing homes will not meet the insulation standards required by mid-century to comply with UK climate change commitments.
  • 3 million Cavity Wall Insulated homes need removal/replacement

Social Power’s Solution

Eco1 Insulating Resin

What is Eco1 Resin?

Eco 1 is a nanotechnology resin that is disrupting the UK’s insulation market. Eco1 is modern and safe alternative to Cavity Wall insulation (CWI), cladding and Interior wall insulation (IWI).

The nanomolecular nature of Eco1 resin traps air in tiny pockets that are 1/100000th of the width of a human hair. These billions of tiny air pockets disrupt the flow of heat, resulting in greatly reduced heat loss. Eco1 is thermal insulation for the 21st Century.

Eco1 is the ideal product to alleviate the problems of cold homes, mould caused by water ingress into brick work and dampness.

Just three coats (0.25mm) of Eco 1 is the equivalent of 70mm of EWI or IWI, we have achieved an 0.47 U value on an unfilled cavity wall.

Why choose Eco1 Resin?

  • It is half the cost of EWI and IWI.

  • Eco1 causes a fraction of the upheaval of EWI or IWI.

  • When used internally it saves space compared to IWI

  • As it is a clear resin it does not alter the external appearance of the property.

    • Possible applications in conservation areas and for listed buildings.

  • Low flammability. The resin has a Euro class fire rating of Class B S1 D0.

  • It is Protective, forming a barrier against moisture mould and corrosion.

    • Eco 1 will protect paint work against weathering.

    • When used internally it will stop mould forming on walls.

  • The product comes with a 30 year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Insulating your home can improve your EPC rating a whole band.